A love for chocolate lasts forever

Excellence Mini Melk

De ultime melkchocolade beleving – een uitzonderlijk zacht en romig recept gemaakt van de beste ingrediënten. The colour is light brown, the aroma is cocoa, caramel and cream. A smooth, round buttery mouth feel with notes of cocoa, creamy milk and rich caramel.

35 gram


Ingredients: Sugar, Cocoa butter, Milk powder, Cocoa mass, Butterfat, Lactose, Skimmed milk powder, Barley malt extract, Emulsifier: soya lecithin,Flavouring: vanillina
Dry cocoa solid : 30% mini. Non fat dry cocoa solid : 5%. Dry milk solid : 23%. Milk fat : 10%
May contain wheat, sesam seed and nuts

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