A love for chocolate lasts forever

Excellence Puur 99% (18x50g)


“The crown of dark chocolate which reveals the true taste and strength of exceptional cocoa beans. With its strong flavour, full bodied cocoa taste and intense smell, it melts slowly in the mouth with persistent, smoky and roasted flavours – The ideal choice for truly sophisticated palates. The colour is jet-black, the aroma earthy, with roasted coffee and dried plums, and an incomparable cocoa flavour is received, with notes of vanilla, rich fudge and blackberries. The taste is the most intense chocolate experience possible, delivered with superb texture and a superior melt. ”


Doos: 18 stuks

Op voorraad

Extra fijne en unieke pure chocolade, 99% cacaogehalte.

50 gram.

Ingrediënten: cacaomassa, magere cacaopoeder, cacaoboter, bruine suiker.
Kan sporen van noten, melk en soja bevatten.

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